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Web Short Cuts

The ATS website has been built with accessibility features.

Text size

The text size can be increased in from the default by clicking the "+" icon above the weather in the top right. Clicking the "-" key will decrease the text size. Clicking on the words "Text Size" will reset the font size to the default size.

You can also change the text size from your browser by holding down Control and the "+" or "-" key.

Access keys

These keys have been implemented to assist in navigation of the site without the use of a mouse:
Control + 0 Navigates to Accessibility page
Control + 1 Navigates to the Home page
Control + 2 Navigates to the Sitemap
Control + 4 Navigates to the Suppliers Page
Control + 5 Navigates to the Shop Page
Control + 9 Navigates to the Contact Us Page