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Meridian Energy

Since 2005 ATS and Meridian Energy have worked together to help ATS Shareholders lower their on-farm electricity costs through advice, expertise and tailored pricing plans. Now, more Ruralco Energy members choose Meridian than any other electricity retailer. Meridian CMYK copy

That’s on top of all the other great Meridian Ruralco benefits:
- Agri expertise
Meridian is the only electricity retailer with a dedicated Primary ITO trained Agribusiness team. So they really do understand your agribusiness.
- Tailored service
Meridian offer a variety of farm-specific pricing options, including fixed or floating rates, off-peak rates and seasonal rates with lower summer prices from 1 September to 30 April (where available).
They’ll work with you to choose the right pricing solution for your farm. One that best suits how and when you use your electricity.
They also offer energy efficiency advice and practical energy saving tips for your farm.

- Value & convenience
You’ll receive a special 12% ATS Shareholder prompt payment discount on your electricity bill when you pay in full and on time, as well as the convenience of paying your Meridian bill through your ATS account.
To find out how you could benefit by joining Meridian, contact Glenn McWhinnie or John Bianchet.  Glenn and John are 100% committed to looking after your electricity needs, and can help with all aspects of your farm’s electricity account and requirements.

Ruralco Energy Account Manager Tracey Gordon is also available to help you with energy-related queries.

Glenn McWhinnie, Meridian ATS Partnership Manager
DDI: 03 353 9506 | Mob: 021 869 928 | Email: glenn.mcwhinnie@meridian.co.nz
John Bianchet, Meridian Ashburton Account Manager
DDI: 03 353 9549 | Mob: 021 861 673 | Email: john.bianchet@meridian.co.nz

Tracey Gordon, Ruralco Energy Account Manager
DDI: 0800 RURAL NZ (787 256) | Mob: 027 652 2133 Email: tracey.gordon@ruralco.co.nz
Meridian Contact details

Address: 104 Moorhouse Avenue, Christchurch | PO Box 2128 Christchurch
Phone: 0800 496 777 | Fax: 0800 496 222 | For faults 24/7 call 0800 496 777 | Website: meridian.co.nz/farm