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Become a Shareholder of the ATS Co-operative 

ATS is the farmer owned co-operative that has 100% ownership of Ruralco. Our shareholders are our owners and farmer customers. To become a Shareholder you must earn an income from the land or a related agricultural industry and make an investment of 500 ordinary $1 shares.

Benefits of becoming a Shareholder include:

  • Competitive pricing at three Ruralco Farm Supplies store locations

  • Preferential pricing with our business partners including Genesis Energy, Meridian, Ballance Agri-Nutrients, Allied Petroleum, RD Petroleum and Telecom

  • Discounts at over 3,000 Ruralco Card Suppliers when you use your Ruralco Card

Plus more:

  • Convenience: All transactions for the months are recorded on one account (with invoices attached). Shareholders receive a Ruralco card, which can be used at Ruralco Farm Supplies stores and Ruralco Card Suppliers, and all purchases are payable on the 20th of the following month.

  • Flexible payment options: Ruralco in conjunction with the BNZ have developed a new payment option allowing Shareholders to pay their account via their credit card and potentially obtain extra days of credit along with any loyalty points associated with their particular credit card. Conditions apply.

  • Flexibility: Shareholders can have a business and personal Ruralco swipe cards, enabling them to separate expenses on to two or more statements.  

  • Rebates: Shareholders receive rebates (based on the annual group ATS profit) every year at the discretion of the Board, and in proportion to the mount of business they transact through Ruralco stores and the Ruralco Card.

  • Dedicated Staff: Ruarlco Staff are dedicated to providing the best possible personalized service for members.

  • Shareholding: You’ll receive benefits through rebates along with point-of-sale discounts generated through ATS’s group buying power.

The application process involves completing and submitting an application form for consideration and approval by the  Group Chief Executive. Following membership approval, new members are contracted by  Membership Services where they will organize a meeting at the most convenient Ruralco Farm Supplies store. This gives new Shareholders a chance to be shown around their local Ruralco Farm Supplies store, be introduced to relevant staff and have the opportunity to ask any questions. 

If you are interested in becoming a Shareholder of ATS or would like further information, contact Membership Services on 03 307 5100, email membership@ruralco.co.nz.

A prospectus dated 9 December 2013 for Ashburton Trading Society Limited’s offer of shares has been registered by the Registrar of Companies.  A PDF copy of the prospectus can be obtained by clicking here.